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We’ve helped thousands of Vancouver residents get back to normal by alleviating many common chronic pain symptoms.


Relief From Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy and Auto Injury Rehab is the foundation of our clinic. Our patients benefit from a carefully orchestrated treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. With such a multitude of separate identifiable services, patients experience faster recovery, longer lasting results and less chance of re-injury. Our objective is to make our patients whole again.

NW Injury & Rehab Center Vancouver chiropractor

Why NW Injury & Rehab?

We provide affordable, effective, non-surgical pain relief for the whole family. We’ve been serving Clark County for over 20 years helping residents recover from injury, manage pain and maintain a healthy way of life.

We specialize in auto injuries, sports injuries and optimum wellness care. We promote open communication between patients, doctors, therapists and assistants as part of our highly effective comprehensive approach to patient care.

We are committed to helping our patients improve their quality of life by getting them back to feeling good and restoring them to normal body mobility that lasts.


Meet Us

All of us, here at NW Injury & Rehab Center, are committed to providing you the best possible experience from our chiropractic, rehab clinic. We make it as easy as possible for you to get quality pain relief as well as preventative maintenance. This is why many of our patients have been seeing us for years. We care about you and want to see you be free of pain.



Auto Injury Rehab

Auto Injury Rehab

Hopefully, you’ll never be injured from an auto accident. However, if you are, please contact us first.

An auto injury can be a traumatic event and a frustrating situation to deal with. We can help you on your road to recovery. We are specialized in auto injury trauma, we work closely with reputable attorneys, and we can help you every step of the way with your auto injury case.


We ensure you get the treatment you deserve and get back to feeling better and living better.


Patient Testimonials

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    My wife and I have been coming here for some time now and we have nothing but wonderful things to say about this office! The atmosphere is so welcoming and everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Eric, Dr. Brandon & Dr. Arash are such blessed and gifted doctors. We always leave feeling so much relief! Their massage & ART therapists are seriously the best. Everyone has unique techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. We highly recommend this office especially if you’ve been in a car accident or are looking for relief from neck/back pain. There’s something here for everyone!!
    Vasiliy Zhdanyuk
  • 5
    I discovered this place when i got into a fender bender and my neck and back was hurting so i called a few places [even some that spoke my language] i had a lot of questions and this was the nicest to me over the phone so i decided to go visit this place. They have been so nice and patient answered all my questions...this is the best place to get adjusted or a massage or to recover after a car accident. the staff is always very attentive and just today i realized they have a kids room with toys and a huge tv! if child care is ever an issue anyways that's my 2 cents
    Patty Avila
  • 5
    I love this place they take very good care of me and always ready to help.
    Jackie Hudon
  • 5
    Wonderful people. Very knowledgeable. They cured my planter fasciitis. I went to many different doctors and physical therapy. Spent thousand of dollars and no one could do the job they did for the fraction of the cost. Thank you NW Injury and Rehab.
    Danny Tehrani
  • 5
    Best clinic in United States!!! Good service, and helped me a lot after my car accident. The Doctors are very profesional, and the massage therapist know how to help with muscle tension, low back pain, neck pain, and more. Thank you a lot ' NW injury and rehab center'.
    Dima Sedov

What We Treat


Whiplash Injury

Back Pain

Back Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Muscle Spasms

Muscle Spasm

Foot Pain



Neck Pain

Spine Issues

Herniated Disc Therapy

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