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We’ve helped thousands of Vancouver residents get back to normal by alleviating many common chronic pain symptoms.

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Why NW Injury & Rehab?

We provide affordable, effective, non-surgical pain relief for the whole family. We are committed to helping our patients improve their lives and get back to feeling good by restoring them to normal body mobility that lasts.


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Meet Us

Our Chiropractors and Massage Therapists are committed to providing you the best possible experience from a chiropractic clinic. We make it easy for you to get quality pain relief as well as preventative maintenance. This is why many of our patients have been seeing us for years. We care about you and want to see you be free of pain.



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Active Release Technique in Vancouver WA

Relief From Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy and Auto Injury Rehab is our passion. Our holistic approach helps to relieve the body from stress and trauma caused from injury as well as normal daily activities. Improve your posture, balance and mobility with our customized care.

What We Treat:

  • Low and upper back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Herniated disc
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Muscle spasms and soreness

Auto Injury Rehab

Hopefully, you’ll never be injured from an auto accident. However, if you are, please contact us first.

An auto injury can be a traumatic event and a frustrating situation to deal with. We can help you on your road to recovery. We are specialized in auto injury trauma, we work closely with reputable attorneys, and we can help you every step of the way with your auto injury case.


We ensure you get the treatment you deserve and get back to feeling better and living better.


Client Testimonials

Danny Tehrani
16:28 30 Aug 19
Wonderful people. Very knowledgeable. They cured my planter fasciitis. I went to many different doctors and physical therapy. Spent thousand of dollars and no one could do the job they did for the fraction of the cost. Thank you NW Injury and Rehab.
StahpOprah SingMe
02:54 20 Aug 19
I’ve been under the fantastic care of NW Injury Rehab since 2016. Walking into their office is like walking into a close relative’s house — the staff are all extremely friendly, warm, and inviting, and they recognized me and knew my name by my second visit. They are extremely accommodating for my busy schedule; just today, I scheduled a last minute appointment and they got me in within 25 minutes. Their front desk text messaging option is the most convenient feature I have ever experienced from a customer standpoint. I have two, toddler-aged daughters and I never have to worry about arranging childcare for an appointment because NW Injury Rehab has a playroom! The staff entertain my children while I’m being given the absolute best of care and my girls BEG to go visit almost every day, even when I don’t have an appointment scheduled. If you are seeking life-changing, rehabilitating results from expert professionals who will treat you like family, then you’ve found it at NW Injury Rehab!
Patty Avila
21:03 07 Aug 19
I discovered this place when i got into a fender bender and my neck and back was hurting so i called a few places [even some that spoke my language] i had a lot of questions and this was the nicest to me over the phone so i decided to go visit this place.They have been so nice and patient answered all my questions...this is the best place to get adjusted or a massage or to recover after a car accident. the staff is always very attentive and just today i realized they have a kids room with toys and a huge tv!if child care is ever an issue anyways that's my 2 cents
Nathan Rodeman
23:31 30 Jul 19
I injured my back severely and all I could do was lay in bed. I could barley stand or walk and I had never been to a chiropractor before. I searched for a chiropractor and found Northwest online and booked an appointment the same day. I was skeptical of the appointment before I even arrived because I had heard of some people’s past experiences at other chiropractors and didn’t know if Northwest would actually be able to help me and my back injury. Not only was the staff super helpful, respectful and polite but they walked me through the entire process and explained everything so diligently that even a knuckle head like me understood what they were saying. They gave me an X-ray before they performed an adjustment and it realigned my body so I could stand up straight and actually perform everyday functions. I have never written a review for any business this long nor write reviews often. I promise you that this place is the real deal and if you are having issues they are awesome people that will help you!
Vasiliy Zhdanyuk
01:48 20 Jul 19
My wife and I have been coming here for some time now and we have nothing but wonderful things to say about this office! The atmosphere is so welcoming and everyone is so knowledgeable and helpful. Dr. Eric, Dr. Brandon & Dr. Arash are such blessed and gifted doctors. We always leave feeling so much relief! Their massage & ART therapists are seriously the best. Everyone has unique techniques that you won’t find anywhere else. We highly recommend this office especially if you’ve been in a car accident or are looking for relief from neck/back pain. There’s something here for everyone!!
Jennifer Sampson
20:25 16 Jul 19
It was my first massage, she made me feel very comfortable. she was fantastic, I haven't been so relaxed in a long time.
Lily Atuaia
17:42 02 Jul 19
What can I say about this group of great Lifesavers? I was in a major car accident in February and was physically and mentally damaged. 😟 I started with the first chiropractor I found on Google and I didn't feel any changes of getting better after 9 visits including massages. I was frustrated and nearly gave up but then I started looking up again at all the lists of chiropractor and found "NW Injury and Rehab" the word injury in the name of this place made me called and seek for help. I met with Brandon and the first thing we do is sit down so I can tell my story and he listened and next day I started with adjustments and massages. Oh my goshhhhh!!! Less anxiety just by the helpful voice of Vickie the front desk to Chiropractor Brandon to the best hands ever Crystal the massage therapist. Then I got to be seen by Chiropractor Eric. Oh my they are amazing. It's only been 2 weeks visits and I'm a whole new person than the miserable person I was. If you are looking for the best chiropractor, don't look no further just call NW INJURY and they will help and support you. Everyone is amazing and will take care of you mentally and physically. Thank you to the co-founder and your lovely staffs for making me able with God by our side. God bless you all!
Jared Prost-Hughart
21:49 07 Jun 19
If you have been injured and you are treating a painful injury while dealing with insurance and/or preparing for trial I highly recommend NW Injury & Rehab. They will treat your injury with a combined focus on healing you while protecting your interests at a time when you are at your most vulnerable due to pain, loss and the confusion of navigating the claims process. Benefit from their expertise in auto accident injuries and knowledge covering the whole process in terms of health and dealing with insurance companies. The facilities are clean and newly constructed. Both cutting edge technology as well as traditional “hands on” modalities are employed. Appointments are easy to schedule, staff are wonderful and professional and we felt very comfortable the whole time. Dr. Strehlow and Dr. Mccuiston are very professional and calm. They never hurry and they stop and listen. The massage, active release treatments, and spinal decompression made all the difference. Get better! Get moving! And win if you go to trial!
Titanium Fitness
21:53 20 Mar 19
The front desk ladies are always so helpful and kind. Dr B has been working wonders on my lower back pain. Especially through the SI joint.Jonathan is amazing at ART and massage. And Erica is a dream with her cupping massage. You could say it takes a team to keep me moving and I love how they’re all so approachable and friendly.
20:15 18 Mar 19
I’m very particular about the services I receive. This place...awesome all around. Kind staff, genuinely kind. They are flexible, appointments are punctual, and they are very thorough. No gimmicks, no sales tactics; they are there to provide a service and they do an outstanding job of it. I’ve had adjustments, massage, and ART. Each has improved my quality of life in mobility, flexibility, and eliminated the need for any pain killers or muscle relaxers.
Liliya Orlov
00:56 12 Mar 19
Best place I’ve ever been to!! The people here are so genuine and truly care for their patients. Honest and truthful workers and doctors that put in time and effort into the recovery of their patients. The front desk is so friendly and just over all an amazing environment in this clinic.
Jeffrey Gastineau
00:54 26 Feb 19
Started going here December 2018 when Physical therapy didn't seem to be working. Started with a free consultation with Dr. Eric and have been returning for adjustments and active release techniques by Jonathan. They both have have done a great job with my lower back and lower neck pain. This place is very relaxing and the front desk associates are very good at greeting you and to making you feel like a very important customer. Oh, by the way did I mention that I am almost 55 yoa and I was very skeptical of seeing a Chiropractor my whole life but Dr. Eric has made me a believer in Chiropractic medicine. Great job to everyone!
Sara Zhiryada
21:44 14 Feb 19
Best clinic and only clinic I’ll get my treatment from!! They have sooo many varieties of treatment that work best for you and help you improve! I’m thankful for such a awesome lovely stay!
Bric Mason
22:51 25 Jan 19
I was absolutely pleased by the results that were achieved and the information that I received during my first visit with NW. I'm a competitive CrossFit athlete and being able to continue to train even if I am injured is very important to me. Jonathan explained how I could do that and how I could heal myself at the same time. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism and value of services that I experienced are second-to-none to none.
Caroline Rouwalk
22:25 23 Jan 19
I found Dr. Strehlow about 15 years ago after a work related accident that had me in severe pain in my lower back. With a vigorous course of treatments and massage therapy, Dr. Strehlow eliminated my pain. Since then I have consistently returned back to his care after trying other chiropractors, finding his treatments to be the most effective at addressing my spine related problems. He is caring and professional and the staff at NW Injury is terrific. Jonathan in particular recently helped in my recovery from a broken ankle using Active Release Therapy. Thanks to everyone at NW Injury & Rehab for your consistent reliable care in helping to eliminate my pain.
Brenda Lubbers
21:02 12 Dec 18
I have gone to them for years and they are always so professional, friendly, and accommodating. In August I was rear-ended. They assessed my situation and gave me a treatment plan; I am so much better less than 4 months after the accident. Wonderful!!!!
Leeana K
17:26 07 Dec 18
This is one of the best chiropractic clinics! It is always a pleasure to come to the office knowing I will get a 5-star service. The staff is super friendly and carrying. Dr. Eric and Dr. Brandon are very knowledgeable in both medical and legal fields, which is essential when working with insurance companies. Thank you, NW Injury & Rehab Center, for taking such a good care of me! God Bless!
Richard Spitler
01:07 04 Dec 18
I came to the NW Injury & Rehab Center to address problems from a hip that I broke 3 years ago. While I had physical therapy elsewhere since the accident, the situation was getting worse. I could not touch the floor and I stooped over when I walked. I had pain in both hamstrings. After receiving a very inexpensive interview, I became hopeful that a combination of back adjustments, ART and therapeutic massage would help repair the damaged tissue from the surgery.The Rehab Center approach was much different than the previous therapy. I am now one month into the therapy and am much improved: I can walk normally, touch the floor and my hamstrings are much calmer. While I have a ways to go, I am improving. I look forward to my visits as I am getter better instead of worse. The office is clean and orderly and all of the staff are friendly and professional. I highly recommend the NW Injury and Rehab Center.
sofia play's
06:18 17 Nov 18
These people work wonders. Yes, it might take a while but you can really get a lot off your chest during that time. Everyone is super friendly and understanding.
Irina Mishuk
00:14 03 Nov 18
Awesome staff and very friendly environment! They make you feel right at home. Would definitely recommend this place to anyone!
Nancy Sproul
19:47 28 Oct 18
Excellent Chiropractic care after car accident. Dr Brandon gave great a explanation of the treatment plan I needed. The staff is warm and welcoming from the moment you enter the office.. Dr Brandon and Dr Eric are both gentle practitioners that provide relief while healing from my accident in my adjustments needed. Tyler and Lara are both experienced massage therapists attending to the areas of pain with a full understanding of the healing process and the best method for relief. Sarah is awesome as well providing rehab training. A comprehensive plan for the best care is provided by this office. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.
Francene Eckel
20:06 10 Oct 18
The doctors and staff make you feel welcome and comfortable on each visit. After my car accident, the headaches each day were unbearable. Thanks to NW Injury & Rehab Center my headaches are not as frequent, the pain in my neck, back and foot has improved to make daily functioning bearable. I’m not sure thank you is enough to express my gratitude.
Vadim Zhukov
21:13 09 Oct 18
Amazing service. Amazing staff. Amazing Doctor. Thank you!
Andrey Zhdanyuk
04:41 02 Oct 18
I had my first massage with Lara and had a great experience. She was very thorough and focused on my problem areas. I look forward to continue seeing her!
Natalie Zhdanyuk
04:32 02 Oct 18
I have been coming here for massage therapy!l. Nataliya, Lara, Crystal, and Tyler were all great! I always recommend this office to anyone with injury/rehab needs! The staff are so friendly and I LOVE that they send text messages for last minute openings! Great experiences all around so far and I don’t think that will ever change! Thank you.
Alina Tishkov
23:18 18 Jul 18
This is a very clean and well maintained environment. The staff is very fun and friendly. I felt like I can be myself. The massages were amazing. I’m usually uncomfortable when it comes to massages and such but I didn’t feel that at this place! I’d definitely recommend this place!
Alesia Yukhimets
23:04 12 May 18
Guys, thank you very much for the help you are giving! It really works wonders! My back stopped ached with the magic hands of these doctors. Thank you, Dr. Brendan! Thanks to the team of massage therapists: every massage session is unique in its own way! Massage is very high quality. Offer to massage not only the sick area, but cover the entire body, from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers! This is an extraordinary delight! Also thanks to Sarah, who follows the correct implementation of the complex of exercises, helps to regulate the load! All the staff are very attentive and friendly, always interested in health and changes in health. The atmosphere in the center is very relaxing and favorable. You will always be offered either a cup of fragrant coffee or a refined glass of clean water. While waiting for the procedures, you can relax in a massage chair and listen to pleasant music.I advise everyone! This is the first place where you should turn for help after an accident or just for a quality and qualified massage!
Lina Franchuk
21:26 10 May 18
Amazing place! The staff are so sweet and friendly, and the office is very clean and comfortable! Great atmosphere and such a welcoming environment. Overall a great place to try if you are looking to relieve pain after a crash or injury.
Angie Golos
20:16 10 May 18
Very friendly staff and doctors, and such a positive environment! They went above and beyond to help me recover after my car accident. My back pain decreased each time I came for a massage and adjustment! Would definitely recommend this Chiropractic office; they are so great at what they do.
Suzanna Lysikov
19:06 10 May 18
This place is amazing. The staff is so professional and sweet. Especially Katie kalachik. She does the best massages! I highly recommend this place to anyone!!
Andrew Cline
19:02 16 Apr 18
Dr. Eric, Dr. Brandon, and the staff are amazing. They are very friendly and really care about helping their patients improve their health and well-being. I had serious back and shoulder pain and stiffness that has been largely alleviated with their help. I highly recommend the NW Injury team!
Angelica strelecki
20:49 14 Apr 18
I love it here! The staff is really polite and helpful. I got into car accident last Feb.2018, I found them online. I have been going there since my accident for all treatment i need. I never have complain after my treatment. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone looking for Massage or Chiropractic.
Liz Morse
02:13 13 Apr 18
They have all been wonderfull to me. The Doctors have very differant personalities but they are all good at what they do. They work very well together as a team. If you prefer to work with a certain Dr. just say so. Their threapists are all wonderfull. All of them have differant tequnics yet they are all good. I have had them all. Sometimes I request a certain one. Other times I find it helpful to have different ones. Recently I feel they saved my life. Helping me to get in to see a Dr. who could help me. Oh I can not leave out the receptionists. they are just as wonderful and helpful.Everyone on staff at this facility goes above and beyond. I can not say enough. Thanks.
Dee Hubbs
01:48 12 Apr 18
Jonathon at NW Injury & Rehab does a phenomenal job. He listens and takes his time to ensure you are feeling better when you leave. Highly recommended for massage and ART.
19:46 27 Mar 18
Been going here for all my past car accidents and completely love it here. Super friendly and kind workers. They’ll always want to do what’s best for you and also what works for you. To anyone who has been in a bad accident or just need a good massage/adjustment, I would 100% reccomend NW injury & rehab center.
Olga Anischenko Русский Канал
17:23 27 Feb 18
Wonderful experience! Good and knowledgeable doctors. Wonderful staff! Clean, neat, respectful! The massage therapists and the ART staff are not just working on your injured body, but they also heal your soul. They know how to listen and they actually have answers. I loved this clinic. I recommend it to everyone 🙂 Thank you, NW Injury!!!
Josefina Arreola
22:58 02 Jan 18
We Love it here!  Everyone is super nice and very professional.  Any treatment is explained very well by the Doctors. Their primary objective is to make sure that you are progressing and feeling better and you can see that in every visit. My husband and I come for neck, lower back pain and headaches. We have learned so much from the team here and they have helped us feel so much better! Highly recomended!!
Linda Bowman
00:18 13 Oct 17
I am so grateful that I found NW INJURY & Rehab in Vancouver, WA. I injured my right shoulder (partial rotator cuff tear) in a fall last September 2016 and have been in horrible pain. I could not sleep and every day was a lesson in endurance. Nothing seemed to help up until I started PT. I needed massage too but it was not offered at the clinic I was going to. I could not find a place that offered massage therapy and other modalities until I found NW Injury. I love going there to get the care that compliments the PT I get elsewhere. So far I have experienced massage & spinal decompression. They have been a real blessing to me. They care about their patients and have an awesome membership plan that makes getting care affordable. Their front desk staff (Vicki) are knowledgeable and friendly. The massage therapists (Olga & Brittany) and other care assistants (Sarah) are great too. I can't say enough about their professionalism and desire to make sure that everyone who leaves their office feels better and knows that if there is a problem it will be remedied.COME ONE...COME ALL....BE HEALTHY AND CARED FOR. ??. You won't be sorry...you will feel better.
Tracy Tassio
03:02 27 Sep 17
This team has helped me since my auto accident, I'm so thankful my coworker referred me to them! Such a comfortable, friendly environment with an amazing group of people. I highly suggest coming here.
00:32 26 Sep 17
Dr. Eric listened to me and I felt validated and relief after my consultation. He gave me a treatment plan to get better rather than just treating the symptoms. Whenever I have questions or concerns they take their time to explain things to me and I don't feel rushed or put in an assembly line. The people here makes this place the best. Every single person here is happy, friendly, and genuine which tells me they are treated well and it reflects in their leadership. I always feel comfortable coming and going. Thanks you everyone at NW injury and rehab!
Evyenia Kaady
18:35 22 Sep 17
Love, Love, Love NW Injury and Rehab! They have been so helpful and supportive of my treatment and I highly recommend them. I drive from Beaverton, Oregon just to see them - that's how worth it they are! Great staff, great doctors and great facility. 5 stars all the way!!!
Diana Zalyashko
21:29 21 Sep 17
The staff is really polite and helpful. They worked around my work schedule to get me in for a massage. Olga the massage therapist is simply amazing; I felt a difference right away! Cannot wait to go back in for my next massage!
Casey Fox
23:02 08 Sep 17
This place is incredible! Clean facilities, friendly staff, worship music playing, and people who are HIGHLY talented and gifted at what they do. I have had amazing results with the Chiropractic and Massage therapy...they are second to none here! My body mind and soul feel refreshed with each visit. Thank you!
Tanya Zhukov
00:25 19 Apr 17
Dr. Eric & Staff are very friendly, caring & professional! I will recommend this office! Love you guys!
Risa Fletcher
19:37 24 Feb 17
Highly recommend this practice. They specialize in auto accident injuries and are extremely knowledgeable about the whole process in terms of health and dealing with insurance companies. They have an x-ray machine in-house, as well as massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments/services and physical therapy. Appointments are easy to schedule, staff are very friendly and professional and I felt very comfortable the whole time.
heather salminen
05:43 25 Jan 17
I am so grateful for the day I walked/ limped into NW Injury & Rehab. Dr. Eric so professional and calm the first Doctor that actually listened to me. He made me feel hopeful and encouraged. Jonathan the Massage Therapist, kind, helpful and caring. You can't help but feel good when you are greeted with smiles from all the amazing ladies at the Center. A very positive experience. Huge thanks to you all.
Brian Rohan
12:14 03 Jan 17
The 1st place I went after a head on Collison. They took great care of me and copious notes, great for my lawyer and our case.
Tara Ferrell
03:26 20 Jul 16
The entire staff is amazing. I was a patient for about 10 months after a car accident. I began treatment immediately and can not imagine being in better hands. As soon as new symptoms began my treatment was adjusted to include those. When needed I was sent to specialists for extra treatment and surgery. Dr Brandon and Dr Eric are amazing. I had a pinched nerve in my neck and they brought in a cervical traction machine. I hated it, but it did its job and I was able to avoid seeing a spine specialist and possible surgery. I can not imagine getting better care elsewhere. Only bad part of getting well and not having to go - is I miss the staff. I felt like one of the family there. Love you guys!!! You are the best!!! I would not be doing what I can now without you!! ?????????????
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