Why Active Release Technique® works for runners

Why Active Release Technique® works for runners

Experience what all the hype is about.  Many runners, as well as other athletes, that have had this treatment swear that Active Release Technique® works.

Active Release Technique® works to treat injuries to muscle, fascia, tendon, ligament and nerve with pinpoint accuracy through specific protocols.  It incorporates the use of the practitioner’s hands to “pin” down the injured tissue while the injured tissue is simultaneously actively and passively mobilized.  The main goal is to establish increased motion between muscle and fascia while simultaneously eliminating restrictive weak fibrous adhesions.  Ultimately adequate “glide” is re-established between the layers of connective tissue, thereby allowing for optimum function and performance.

A fibrous adhesion is scar tissue that binds up layers of tissues that are often time not normally supposed to be connected.  Therefore, rather than “glide” occurring between tissues, there is strains and tears.  Scar tissue is a necessary evil to bind together injured tissue, however the tissue often times becomes weaker, tighter, less oxygenated, painful, and easily re-injured.  Unfortunately, this is very common in everyone from your weekend warrior to your top professional athletes.  And scar tissue is no respecter of age, although it can become more debilitating as one ages.  Repetitive overworked body parts are also very susceptible to these soft tissue type of injuries.  Active Release Technique® has been shown to be extremely effective in countering these common soft tissue type injuries, in addition to just preventing soft tissue injuries from ever occurring.

Don’t be sidelined due to soft tissue injuries.  Get ART® now to either get back in the game or to just stay in the game.  Athletes that utilize Active Release Technique® in their wellness routine often experience much less injuries and more frequent PR’s.

Many times you don’t realize that scar tissue is building up until it’s too late and the pain starts to crop up. This is where Active Release Technique® is most effective. Anybody can identify where the pain is at, but a certified Active Release Technique® specialist is trained to identify the source of the dysfunction that is causing the pain.   There are over 500 specific Active Release Technique® protocols making it very effective in flushing out the root problem that is contributing to the pain and dysfunction.  When this is achieved, the athlete will experience a much more long-term resolution.

Active Release Technique® works with pin-point accuracy

Active Release Technique
Jonathan, our ART practitioner, working on the lower leg

Once the problem area is identified, the Active Release Technique® practitioner can apply the proper protocol to deliver the treatment with pin-point accuracy.  With such precision the success rate is very high.  Unlike typical massage work, the patient does not need to undress.  Active Release Technique® works very well over clothing.  In fact, it works better over clothing, as the practitioner is better able to grip and pin down the affected tissue.  The patient is also very involved in this procedure as the affected body part is actively and passively moved through specific ranges of motion.  Each Active Release Technique® session is approximately 10-15 minutes long, and patients usually start seeing results within the first couple sessions, however for more complete resolution it may take up to 8-12 sessions.

No more guessing what is causing the pain.  Come experience pin-point accuracy treatment with our certified Active Release Technique® practitioner.  Come see where medical doctors are now referring their soft tissue injury patients.  Developed by a chiropractor, approved by medical doctors.