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Not All Car Accidents Leave Visible Injuries

Many times a car accident will leave the victims thinking that they’re just fine, when actually they’re not. This commonly occurs in crashes when the vehicles aren’t moving that fast such as minor rear-end collisions where the cushion of the seat and headrest appear to take much of the force of the impact. In reality, many victims suffer from a car accident injury much later after it happened.

Imagine this scenario; you’ve been hit from behind, your car’s rear bumper is completely crushed and thankfully you come out of it without any scrapes or bruises. You feel pretty lucky that you’re not rushed to the hospital as you exchange your insurance information with the other parties involved. You may even be able to drive your car home and get it looked at when you have time instead of juggling your life to take care of something you didn’t ask for. You get home feeling fortunate that this incident will be easy to resolve and you can be back onto your busy schedule without being slowed down by a car accident injury.

Here’s where it gets tricky. While your adrenaline kicked in you may not have even realized how the tightening of your back during the abrasive initial impact has quietly set you up for pain and discomfort further down the road, so you go on without filing a claim or even considering your own overall health only to find out that the consistent lower back pain you’re experiencing now stemmed from that fender-bender weeks ago.

In an auto collision, some people encounter pain and tension right away. For others, the symptoms may get worse over time. That’s why it’s important to see a chiropractor immediately after even a minor car accident because you may experience serious health problems many weeks or months down the road.

It’s just plain physics. The impact that a car can handle is not the same impact that the human body can take. Sudden movements and inertial forces can have a ripple effect through the structure of the body affecting ligaments, tendons, joints and discs that may not be apparent in even the first 24 hours after an accident. And factors such as age, gender, seat belt wearing, etc. will determine the severity of the injury.

Even though you may have been in minor auto collision and even though you feel fine now, it’s important to see a chiropractor and get yourself assessed. Here at NW Injury & Rehab, our main goal is to get you on the right track to feeling good. If you’ve had an accident, no matter how minor, give us a call and we’d be happy to ensure you’re in the best physical health possible.

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