Chiropractors & Car Accidents

Chiropractors & Car Accidents

With snow in the weather forecast this week & ice on the roads this morning, first of all we’d like to say, be careful out there and drive safely!  That said, if you do find yourself in an accident- come see us- we’re here for you with top quality chiropractic and auto injury care.

If you’ve been in a car accident, it is better to get in to be evaluated by a chiropractor ASAP than to wait.  When you wait, you run the risk of the insurance company attributing your injuries to something other than the car accident.  In addition, the longer you let your injuries go untreated- the longer it takes your body to heal.

If you’ve been in a car accident- the first thing you do is make sure you/everyone in your vehicle is okay, get out of harms way and call emergency services, then you check in on the people in the other car/cars involved. After that, you swap insurance information with the other person/people involved & make any reports necessary to police etc.  Now some people think unless you are taken to the hospital by ambulance, you just go home and recover from your aches and pains with some ice or heat & otc pain medicine.  The truth is, you should see a doctor when you’ve been in a car accident.  Once all of the emergency/urgent needs are taken care of, your next stop should be a check-up.  The unnatural jarring/jerking motions that happen in an accident can cause injuries that are not apparent in the moment.

Why see a doctor if you’re not in pain directly after an accident?  Well, when you are in a car accident, your body will be pumping extra adrenaline through your veins.  The adrenaline gets you through the emergency- and it serves the body well in surviving emergencies.  However, it can mask injuries and pain. Then, when your body settles down you’re left with the pain/injury that was being masked by adrenaline.  Even if you’re not hurting directly after an accident- get yourself checked out.  Let’s just take one example of injury that is very common to car accidents- whiplash.

Whiplash is cause by an abrupt backward and/or forward motion of the head.  Whiplash is a very common injury in car accidents, it is also referred to as neck sprain/strain.  The symptoms of whiplash can take 24+ hours after the injury to develop.  Some symptoms of whiplash are:

  • Stiffness & pain in the neck
  • Headache
  • Shoulder pain or pain between shoulder blades
  • Back/low back pain
  • Pain/numbness/tingling in arms/hands
  • Dizziness
  • Memory/Concentration Problems
  • Irritability
  • Trouble Sleeping

Whiplash is just one example of an auto accident injury that can take time to surface- and one good reason to see your chiropractor and be proactive about your health.  Treatment for your injuries should be covered under your PIP insurance and if you are not at fault- your treatment could be covered by the at fault insurance company.  There is no good reason to avoid care after a car accident.  If you are in pain in the day or days after a car accident, get in to be evaluated by a chiropractor. Please don’t wait to see if the injury resolves without treatment. The longer you wait- the harder it is on your body and the harder it is to prove that your injuries were caused by the accident and not something else.

Being proactive about your health and getting your injuries evaluated by a chiropractor shortens your recovery time and helps you heal faster.  At NW Injury & Rehab, we have a wide variety of treatments/treatment options to help you heal from an accident whether minor or major.  The chiropractors and therapists here at NW Injury and Rehab have taken extra steps to become experts in auto injury and accident care- we offer state of the art treatments, therapies and equipment that few other chiropractic offices have.  We’re able to offer a multifaceted treatment plan that addresses the whole injury and that is what sets us apart as a leader in chiropractic care.

So, if you’ve been in a car accident- don’t wait!  Give us a call and and talk to one of our doctors about the best treatment options for you and your family.

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