Massage Therapy

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NW Injury & Rehab Center therapists have extensive training and experience in therapeutic deep tissue massage techniques. A deeper understanding of these techniques is a vital part of any injury rehab clinic. This additional knowledge and skill set of our therapists allows for more efficient dialogue between the prescribing physician and therapist, translating into better, faster results.

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Skilled massage therapists in Vancouver ready to help you regain your way of life.

Since we have thousands of injuries come through our doors every year, our  massage therapists have significant hands-on experience treating conditions such as; auto collision injuries, sports injuries, strains/sprains, post spinal surgery, frozen shoulder, rotator cuff syndrome, whiplash, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, headaches/migraines, pulled muscles, and generalized pain and stiffness.     We offer different types of massage to fit your needs. We offer a relaxation, stress-relief massage to help with the stress incurred from the daily challenges life can throw at you, as well as deep-tissue therapeutic massage to help with injury and pain derived from auto collisions, sports injuries, recreational injuries, and the like.  

  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Effleurage Technique
  • Swedish
  • Pre Natal


There are several variables to consider when trying to determine what type of massage or soft tissue work is needed to best address the patient’s condition.  Our therapists possess years of experience in a clinical setting working side by side with doctors, which translates into a productive session that delivers good results.