Personal Training in Vancouver

Personal training in Vancouver Washington

NW Injury & Rehab Center offers one-on-one private personal training for instruction and application in rehabilitation of injuries, improved athletic performance, or generalized conditioning.  At NW Injury & Rehab Center, all new patients are entitled to a free consult with one of our certified personal trainers.  Whether you are injured from a auto collision or just looking to lose that extra weight, we have the knowledge and the resources to get you heading towards your fitness goals.  

Having a better understanding of human anatomy as well as experience with Active Release Technique® (ART®), soft tissue and biomechanics means we can design an appropriate workout correcting your form, thus leading to less injuries and achieving desired results.

Having access to physicians on staff can help you develop exercises building on body deficiencies whether for normal conditioning or those that were created by auto or sports injury. For example if you have pain while performing squats, our doctors can determine the source of that pain that will help in the design of a workout to not exasperate symptoms and to help improve healing.

Our personal training provides a foundation that patients can adapt at home or at their favorite gym and can be part of a holistic wellness approach when combined with our other services such as chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage therapy.

Come in today to meet with our personal trainer and find out if a custom training plan is right for you.