Physical Therapy

We utilize progressive physical therapy protocols dependent on your stage of recovery.

Range of motion and flexibility are emphasized during the initial acute stage of an injury. Shortly after, you progress to isometric exercise, which is a type of strength training proven to be a safe and effective way to establish and maintain strength in the supporting muscles around the injured area. This prevents disuse atrophy, which occurs when muscles that are no longer in use become weaker.

At later stages of injury rehabilitation, you are transitioned into kinetic strengthening and neuromuscular exercises. This imperative final stage is for stabilization around the areas of injury. The exercises include proprioceptive retraining, muscular strengthening, and overall endurance.

Patients get a solid understanding of exercises and techniques to incorporate at home after going through our physical therapy program . Future injury risk is lessened when staying proactive in rehabilitation.  


NWIRC has a different feel. You are greeted warmly, and they have a whole rehab area and private offices. The whole facility is clean and you can tell the staff is knowledgeable. They have also been very involved in the local community which is awesome when companies give back. A+ team and service.

– Wade Stewart


No injury rehabilitation is complete without using state of the art rehabilitation equipment. At NW Injury & Rehab Center, we use Cybex training systems for our strength training programs. Cybex International’s heritage was founded on sports medicine and rehabilitation, and today they are global leaders in exercise science. Cybex’s commitment to science, research, and development is what enables their equipment to deliver unparalleled results from the first time user to professional athletes. Cybex equipment is innovative in design, durable in structure, and engineered to be biomechanically correct to produce optimum results.